Communication system CS 2.0
Communication system CS 2.0


The Communication System CS 2.0 has been specifically developed to allow communicating with 2 divers at the same time.

Below there is a more detailed description of the device:



  • Compatible system in 4-wire (4H) and 2-wire (2H) configurations, without the need for any manipulation: it works simply by connecting each communication cable with its corresponding configuration, even mixing configurations, a 2H diver and another diver at 4H.
  • Direct audio recording on the same equipment via SD card with LED recording status indicator: allows storage of more than 50 hours of immersion in a common 8 Gigabyte SD card.
  • Independent visual aid system for each diver: these visual aids are illuminated on the surface equipment when the corresponding diver is speaking, which allows to identify with whom the communication is made. It also allows detecting possible errors of operation of any component of the system (speakers, microphones, wiring, volumes…).
  • Independent volumes for each diver and supervisor: the volume that each diver receives from supervisor and vice versa, and the volume that each diver receives from their partner is regulated independently so that the sound level is the most appropriate for each person.
  • Unilateral communication with one of the divers: in both configurations (2H and 4H) it is possible to communicate only with one of the divers, designed for stress situations where we only want to communicate or make any indication to the diver that is not in that state.
  • Direct communication between divers: at 4H the communication between both divers and the supervisor is always available. At 2H the supervisor can put the divers in communication by pressing the buttons (D2 to D1 and D1 to D2), keeping the supervisor always listening.
  • Low battery level indicator: it has a visual alarm to indicate that the battery must be charged and thus preventing premature deterioration of the battery.
  • 12v Internal battery: for a continuous operation that covers more than one working day.


Comunicación con 2 buzos
SD Card
Comunicación con 2 buzos
Visual Indicators
Comunicación con 2 buzos
Independent Volumes
Comunicación con 2 buzos
Battery Indicator


  • Connectors for professional audiovisual systems: single connector for the communication wiring (both of them 2H and 4H) that makes impossible a wrong connection, 90º angled socket for a correct output from the equipment, differentiated by colors to avoid possible confusions. Includes protection plugs. The communication connectors can be customized on request.
  • RCA audio output connector: to incorporate audio to video recordings when used in conjunction with a video system.
  • 12V auxiliary input for the connection of external power supplies: it allows the connection of an external battery for situations in which the access to the 230V network is not available.
  • 12V Auxiliary output for the connection of accessories: allows the connection of the accessories available for this system or for emergency feeding of any equipment that operates at 12v and with a power consumption lower than 1A.
  • Jack-type connectors for the connection of mobile phones or MP3 players: it allows to offer divers entertainment and relaxation in the form of music in long decompressions, as well as to hold a telephone conversation that can be of help for the work that is being done. The connections are made independently for each diver or joint by means of the button Line-in connection. The telephone conversation can be heard by the supervisor and included in the recording, or not, by means of the corresponding button (Line-in recording).


Comunicación con 2 buzos
Audio Connectors
Comunicación con 2 buzos
Audio output
Comunicación con 2 buzos
Auxiliary connections
Comunicación con 2 buzos
Jack-type connectors



  • Great toughness: primordial use of non-corrosive materials in marine environments.
  • High quality professional audio connectors: used in the audiovisual industry to replace common banana connectors that are not specific for audio.
  • Waterproof case (IP67 closed): Peli 1400 with O-ring seal that offers an additional protection against possible splashes over the panel and with a lid organizer for the upper tray of the case.


Comunicación con 2 buzos
Waterproof Case
Comunicación con 2 buzos
Audio Connectors
Comunicación con 2 buzos




  • PTT (Push to talk) and / or headphones with microphone: if the environment noise is too high, you can choose to use either of these two accessories.
  • Lid organizer for the upper tray of the case: to store any document or notebook that may be needed, as well as small cables, chronometers or accessories.
  • Communication wiring: to get a more detailed description click here.
  • Adapter cable from professional audio connection to banana connections: if you have equipment from several manufacturers and does not want to have incompatibilities between them.
  • Jack / Jack 3.5 cable for connecting mobile phones or MP3 devices: available in various lengths and with straight or 90º angled output.
  • Protection plugs: to prevent premature deterioration of the communication wiring connectors.


Comunicación con 2 buzos
Comunicación con 2 buzos
Holder tray
Comunicación con 2 buzos
Protection plugs







  • Equipment can be customized so that public or military organizations can incorporate their logos and / or corporate colors.
  • The standard connections that the equipment incorporates can be substituted by other ones upon request.
  • The equipment can be manufactured for integration in racks or control panels.


**If you want more information about the product, please do not hesitate and contact us.