Foco Submarino uLight 1.0
Underwater Focus uLight 1.0


• High brightness: latest LED technology that provides 1200 lumens.

• Safe working voltage: the working voltage is always equal to or lower than 12v.

• Reduced dimensions: the length and outside diameter of the case are only 100 mm and 34 mm respectively, which considerably reduces its size and weight.

• Cylindrical design: No edges or changes in shape to avoid unwanted snagging.

• High resistance to pressure: for using at a maximum depth of 100 meters.



  • Sealed underwater connectors: high-quality, 2-pin underwater connectors with a threaded connection are used to achieve a tight connection between the video wiring and the camera.
Conectores submarinos
Underwater connectors



  • Great robustness: the body of the camera is made of marine grade stainless steel (316L).
  • Lens: made of high resistance polycarbonate.
  • Lens protector: protects the lens of the camera during storage.
Protector de lente
Lens protector



  • Hand support: ergonomic and easy to assemble / disassemble for uCam 1.0 Camera and uLight 1.0 Focus.
  • Helmet support.


**If you want more information about the product, please do not hesitate and contact us.