Cableado de video e iluminación
Video and lighting wiring



The video and lighting wiring is composed of three fundamental parts: wiring, aerial connector and underwater connectors.



The model DCS0340 from the manufacturer Cortland Fibron presents the following characteristics:



  • Outside diameter: 9.2 mm
  • Weight in air: 105.1 kg / km
  • Weight in sea water: 36.9 kg / km
  • Density: 1,581 kg / km
  • Minimum bend radius (static): 60 mm
  • Minimum bend radius (dynamic): 90 mm


0,34 mm2 STQ

  • Electric resistance at 20ºC: 60.5 Ω / Km (maximum)
  • Resistance (soul-soul): 1000 MΩ / Km (minimum)
  • Resistance (soul-shielding): 500 MΩ / Km (minimum)
  • Operating voltage: 500 V (maximum)

1,34 mm2 individual soul (x2)

  • Electric resistance at 20ºC: 15 Ω / Km (maximum)
  • Resistance (soul-soul): 1000 Ω / Km (maximum)
  • Resistance (soul-shielding): 500 Ω / Km (maximum)
  • Operating voltage: 500 V (maximum)

Mini coaxial

  • Internal electrical resistance at 20ºC: 142 Ω / Km (maximum)
  • External electrical resistance at 20ºC: 30 MΩ / Km (minimum)
  • Impedance: 75 Ω



Connections for professional audiovisual systems: single connector for video and lighting wiring that makes impossible a wrong connection, 90º angled for a correct output from the equipment and differentiated by colors to avoid possible confusion. Includes protective plugs. The video and lighting connectors can be customized on request.



3-pin underwater connectors for the connection of the underwater camera uCam and 2-pin connectors for the connection of the underwater Focus uLight, with threads to make a tight connection.


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