CCTV 2 buzos
Video system VS 2.0


The Video system VS 2.0 has been specifically developed to allow video displaying and recording of two divers at the same time. Below there is a more detailed description of the device:



  • High definition recording FULL HD: the maximum recording quality allowed by the uCam 1.0 camera is FULL HD 1080p at 25 fps (images per second).
  • 15.6 “FULL HD screen: the maximum resolution of playback per screen is FULL HD 1080p.
  • Large storage capacity: it has a solid 250 gigabyte hard drive.
  • Touch panel for handling equipment: it incorporates a touch panel with two buttons for use without the need to connect an external mouse.
  • Real-time visualization via Internet: the video signal can be sent in real time through the Internet to any part of the world; for this, the equipment must be connected to the Internet and properly configured. If used in conjunction with any of the CS Communication Systems, in addition to viewing the video, direct communication with the divers is allowed over the phone.
  • Low battery level indicator: it has a visual alarm to indicate that the battery must be charged and thus prevent premature deterioration of the battery.
  • Internal 12v battery (optional): it is not designed to be used as a main power source; it is an emergency power source that prevents the loss of the image and data if a cut occurs in the 230V network or in the auxiliary 12v external power supply.
  • Luminosity regulators: the luminosity of the flashlights of both divers can be regulated independently by built-in intensity regulators.
  • Ease of use in conjunction with the communication system: The connections are arranged so that, if used in conjunction with a communication system CS, the connectors for the interconnection between both devices are located as close as possible and the outputs of the video and communication wiring are made by the same site to facilitate the laying to the divers.
  • Supervisor Presence Record: possibility of adding to the system the supervisor video recording.
  • Text editable in video: allows the inclusion in the video of the date, time and a text of 53 characters.
  • Playback of recordings stored on the surface unit: video recordings with built-in audio can be played directly on the surface unit.


CCTV 2 buzos
Connection at 12v and 220v
CCTV 2 buzos
Screen with speakers
CCTV 2 buzos
Touch panel
CCTV 2 buzos
Light regulators






  • Connectors for professional audiovisual systems: single connector for the video wiring that makes impossible a wrong connection, 90º angled socket for a correct output from the equipment, differentiated by colors to avoid possible confusions. Includes protection plugs. The video and lighting connectors can be customized on request.
  • Connector for RCA audio input: allows incorporating audio from a communication system to the video.
  • HDMI connection for external display: the video signal can be duplicated on a larger external monitor through the HDMI port, always keeping the image on the device’s own screen.
  • USB ports for backup or mouse: you can make backup copies or extract the videos that interest you in an external device in a simple way through the integrated USB ports. You can also connect a mouse to operate the equipment.
  • Ethernet port: allows the connection of the equipment to the Internet through a wired connection and allows the image to be sent through the network.
  • 12V auxiliary input for the connection of external power supplies: it allows the connection of an external battery for situations in which access to the 230 V network is not available.
  • Auxiliary output of 12v for the connection of accessories: allows the connection of the accessories available for this system or for emergency feeding any equipment that operates at 12v and with a power consumption lower than 1A.
  • Sealed submarine connectors: high quality underwater connectors with threads are used to achieve a tight connection between the video wiring and the uCam 1.0 camera and the uLight 1.0 focus.


CCTV 2 buzos
Video Connectors
CCTV 2 buzos
Video, audio and data connections
CCTV 2 buzos
Auxiliary connections
CCTV 2 buzos
Underwater connectors


  • Great robustness: primordial use of non-corrosive materials in marine environments.
  • High quality professional audio connectors: used in the audiovisual industry.
  • Waterproof case (IP67 closed): Peli 1500 with O-ring seal that offers an additional protection against possible splashes over the panel.


CCTV 2 buzos
Waterproof case
CCTV 2 buzos
CCTV 2 buzos
Video connectors


  • Adapter cable video connection to other types of connections: if you have equipment from several manufacturers and does not want to have incompatibilities between them.
  • Submarine video and lighting wiring: to get a more detailed description click here.
  • Underwater video camera uCam 1.0: to get a more detailed description click here.
  • Underwater focus uLight 1.0: to get a more detailed description click here.
  • Wireless network adapter: it allows to connect the VS to the Internet wirelessly, for example, by sharing the Internet signal via a mobile phone or a wireless router.
  • Supervisor camera: camera for the surface equipment to include in the recording the presence of the supervisor.


CCTV 2 buzos
Video and lighting wiring
Cámara uCam 1.0 y Foco uLight 1.0
Camera uCam 1.0 and Focus uLight 1.0


  • Equipment can be customized so that public or military organizations can incorporate their logos and / or corporate colors.
  • The standard connections that the equipment incorporates can be substituted by other concrete ones upon request.
  • The equipment can be manufactured for integration in racks or control panels.


**If you want more information about the product, please do not hesitate and contact us.