These are the services that Arrecife Underwater Technology­® currently offers:


  •  Preventive maintenance service: it is a service designed to keep your equipment in the best condition during its lifespan. The equipment is checked in its entirety and those components that present a significant deterioration can be substituted, previous budget and customer authorization.


  • Corrective maintenance service: if your equipment presents any anomaly, our technical service will offer a quick and effective solution to solve the problem; since we understand that your work depends to a large extent on the availability of all your tools and equipment.


  • Custom equipment manufacturing:

– The equipment can be customized so that public or military organizations can incorporate their logos and / or corporate colors.

– The standard connections that incorporate the equipment can be replaced by other concrete ones upon request.

– The equipment can be manufactured for integration into racks or control panels.

– We are flexible regarding your needs; if you need any functionality or specific finishes, do not hesitate in contacting us.


  • Equipment rental: we have several pieces of equipment in stock for those customers who have specific or specific needs. Contact us to check the availability.